Whoa, Astellia Online’s next-next update, Palat Coast, is quite a glow-up


Damn, I had forgotten how pretty Astellia Online was, but the latest patch preview has brought it back to my working memory. And it’s a good thing it’s pretty because Studio 8’s forum post is loaded with screenshots and confusion and not much else.

The update is framed as an in-character tease of Palat Coast, showing off boats, palm trees, pyramids, floating islands, skyships, massive castles, and some sort of mass-scale warfare.

The confusion set in because of the dating in the frame. If we’re reading it and the follow-up clarifications correctly, Palat Coast isn’t launching soon. What’s launching this week is the Honduwaga expedition, which had been delayed from last month. It’s now expected Thursday. Palat Coast, however, isn’t coming until after this week’s patch. Clear? Clear.


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Another update, another lack of any mention of removing the rest of the gender-locks on classes as was promised before launch.