Blizzard loses Dave Kosak to new studio as confused players show up for WoW Shadowlands


World of Warcraft former Lead Narrative Designer Dave Kosak has struck out from Blizzard for a new opportunity, according to an announcement that he made yesterday. Kosak said that he left the studio after 12 years in order to take a creative director role at Deviation Games where he is making something “secret” but “amazing.”

That’s not the only disappointment that is crashing down on the heads of Blizzard fans this week. Apparently some players didn’t get the word that Shadowlands was delayed from today’s launch date and showed up in the game or on Twitter yesterday ready to get into the expansion. Dang… that’s gotta sting. We know that Blizzard sent around an email to preorder customers letting them know about the delay, but we also know that not everyone got it, including some of our staff, so it’d be totally possible for people who aren’t looped into the online announcement cycle to miss the news.

Blizzard isn’t remaining quiet during this period, however. The studio addressed whether speed leveling will put some players at an advantage for crafting legendaries in the expansion (it won’t) and put out a hotfix for dungeon experience.

“Experience granted to players in dungeons is now standardized, and does not change with the size of the player’s party,” Blizzard said. “We want dungeons to remain lucrative, and to be a valid alternative to questing and other experience sources, rather than to overshadow them.”

Source: Twitter, Icy Veins, Wowhead. Thanks, Kherova and Pieter! This article was updated after publication to clarify that Kosak is a former WoW staffer; he’d since worked on Hearthstone.
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