Aion KR confirms the release of a classic server for the region on November 11


Well, it turns out that earlier bit of supposition held true. An earlier tease of a classic server from the Korean version of Aion has been formally announced by way of a video from the devs.

According to the sourced Reddit post and further corroborated by a comment in the video itself, Aion Classic will require a subscription to access but will be free-to-play for one hour daily and will feature some 24-hour free-to-play events every five weeks. The classic server will start from update 1.2 and end with update 2.7.

Of course, all of this comes with the asterisk that there are no immediate plans for Aion Classic to make its way westward, either to the EU version or the NA version. Still, you can cross their fingers. You can also watch the Korean announcement video below.

source: YouTube via Reddit. Cheers, Leiloni!
Gameforge is apparently working on getting a classic server for the west too.

Gameforce’s response on Twitter regarding to the Aion Classic from MMORPG


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Let’s hope NCWest or whatever they’re calling themselves is going to bring it to NA. I tweeted them a few days ago and of course no response. It’s a sad day when Gameforge is coming off as better than NCSoft!

Rick Mills

Here’s hopin it makes its way here… Such a fun game in it’s original release!


f2p for one hour a day is pretty wild