Lord of the Rings Online tweaks War of the Three Peaks, talks more about classic server difficulties


The first post-release patch for War of the Three Peaks has hit Lord of the Rings Online, bringing a bundle of changes and tweaks for Update 28. In addition to fixing issues like not being able to launch the 64-bit client with DX11 enabled, the patch is also going to activate some new raid content in November.

What’s not in the patch, however, are some improvements to the PvMP side of the game, which SSG said that it’s pushed off to an update in the “near future.”

Meanwhile, further prodding by players on the topic of a proposed classic server brought out more explanation by SSG’s Jeff Libby why this really won’t happen (really).

“I would personally love to see a version of LOTRO from launch, to run around in old-timey Eriador and see it in all of its 2007 glory,” he confessed. “But it doesn’t have the longevity you remember. It’s a snapshot, frozen in time, and from our perspective it’s a snapshot that would remove tens of thousands of fixes, some minor, but many serious. […] Our engineers have plenty on their plates already without being tasked to revert LOTRO to the years-old state that best suits your taste.”

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