No Man’s Sky: Next Generation brings the game to next-gen consoles, graphical upgrades for all


Back in September, No Man’s Sky studio Hello Games revealed Origins as merely “the beginning of something new.” Now that the update is well behind us, you might be wondering what the “something new” is. Turns out it’s the next-gen console port, as Hello Games’ Sean Murray posted this morning that No Man’s Sky: Next Generation will be a “graphical upgrade on next gen” PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, complete with save-game transfer, upgradeable for free for existing owners of the game. And yes, the new upgrades work for existing players too.

The new trailer looks pretty stunning; slides promise 4K 60FPS, more detailed worlds, improved shadows and volumetrics and audio, up to 10 times faster loading, save game upgrading, PSVR support, and haptic controls.

In other No Man’s Sky news, the Halloween event is back; players will be mining tainted metal and quicksilver from spooky derelict ships.


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The graphics upgrade not all that surprising, and the load times will definitely be a nice upgrade for sure. Looking forward to everything just transferring working and getting it all as part of Xbox Game Pass for my new Series X in a few weeks.

The Freighter update is alright but really nothing too challenging. Getting around 160 per run in my 19%/250ly system I discovered with a decent number of chests. Enemies just die in two shotgun blasts instead of one.


Again, 10/10 to Hello Games for their outstanding support for their game after that hard launch.

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Very excited about this, and the next gen version is FREE for current owners. They continue to put massive amounts of work into this game at no additional cost and I really appreciate that.


These guys have managed to earn all the goodwill.