Old School RuneScape’s Trailblazer League launches, complete with a battle rap video because why not


How do you hype up the launch of your latest content? PR? Sizzle reels? Memes posted on Twitter? If you’re Old School RuneScape, you kind of just announce it. Oh, also, you kick out a rap battle music video.

The main dish announcement post effectively breaks down what the Trailblazer League is all about: start as a fresh Iron account, push through a tutorial, arrive to Lumbridge to level skills, clear quests, and complete tasks to open up three new areas. From there, where your character goes is up to you. All the while, players will earn League Points for completing tasks that can be used to acquire playstyle-specific Relic buffs. That same post, by the way, further discusses player feedback regarding Revenant Caves, just in case you’re not interested in Trailblazer.

The side dish music video, meanwhile, features YouTube rap artists J1mmy and 9Rain having a lyrical sparring match about which area to go to next. If you’ve ever wanted to see a couple of low-poly avatars rep their favorite region, then you’ll enjoy the embedded video below.


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