Temtem plans ‘exclusive’ PlayStation 5 early access launch December 8


Back in August, early access creature-collection MMO Temtem announced that it’d be launching on PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch in 2021 alongside the full PC launch. We knew the team would be “prioritizing” the PlayStation 5, and as of today, Crema Games has clearly sped up its timeline, as it’s announced today that the PS5 early access launch will happen on December 8th.

According to the announcement on the PlayStation blog, the game will run around 45 bucks for the standard PS5 package and 65 for the deluxe edition, with incremental discounts for ordering early (apparently, the price goes up as islands release).

Meanwhile, the PC early access version of Temtem has rolled out several patches this week, notably breaking from its roadmap to address player feedback on the game’s economy.

“The big focus of this patch is the economy. Up until now tamers only had two options if they wanted to generate pansuns: releasing Tems and getting a reward from the FreeTem! organization or winning ranked competitive matches. With this patch, we’re introducing two new weekly activities and a daily one, all of which are a source for pansuns and several new items that are debuting in this patch too.”

Source: PlayStation blog, Steamhttps://crema.gg/crema/hop-into-early-access-on-ps5/, official site, patch
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