The Wagadu Chronicles adds one last stretch goal with just about two days left on the clock

Gazelle upon my works, ye mighty

There’s no longer a question mark about the funding target for Afro-fantasy MMO¬†The Wagadu Chronicles on Kickstarter; that happened ages ago, and the project has subsequently blown past one stretch goal after another. With just about 55 hours remaining on the project as of this writing, the developers have put forth one last stretch goal to provide a full set of sub-lineages for the Asiman people if the game tops around $185,000 before funding runs out.

If you’re wondering about how likely that is, the game is about $9,000 off from this figure at the time of this writing. If you’re wondering why in the world anyone would expect this to actually happen at those funding numbers (especially in the wake of one of our writers making a few points about MMO budgets), it’s worth noting that the game is being backed by Riot Games and thus this is more about drumming up interest than anything. So how interested are you in that last stretch goal?


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1 year ago

This game sounds like one of the coolest ones I’ve ever heard of… but, player corpse looting is a big NOPE.

Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross(@andrew-ross)
1 year ago

I love the art style, but also that there’s a biology consultant <3