Closers goes down for maintenance until November 5, TERA Console announces work on a DPS meter


The MMOs Formerly Associated with Bluehole, aka TERA Console and Closers (seriously, it’s a bit of a Gordian knot, which we’ve helped cut through for you), have had a couple of important updates recently that we want to share with you.

We’ll start with Closers, which has officially gone down for extended maintenance until Thursday, November 5th. In the meantime, the game has launched a new website complete with additional details including a link to download the new game client in advance (which will be 64-bit, by the way), a new character by the name of Mirae, a remake of the Dimensional Ops Center area that promises a “powerful being” to challenge, and renewals of the Chip system and Pet system.

As for TERA Console, the game’s official Twitter has announced the development of a DPS meter, bookmarking the reveal with news that “it is under development and will take time to release.” Response to the news has come with some player dismay about how this new inclusion will help players gate others from content, but the account’s replies promise that the devs are aware of such behavior and will be designing the meter as well as policies to curtail gatekeeping. More details are expected in the near future. Or the far future, depending on where development of the feature stands.


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As bad as it is that a company is designing their own DPS meters, their official replies on Twitter are very dismissive.