Netmarble’s mobile TERA Origin to close down in Japan


Oh you can give me all the big wet lavender anime eyes you want, banner girl, but your game is doomed. DOOMED, I say!

The doom in question here is heading toward TERA Origin, a mobile spin-off of the TERA franchise that you probably never knew even existed. Netmarble got the rights to develop the title for Japan a while back, and now the company says that it’s going to be shutting it down in early 2021.

This is Netmarble’s second attempt — and second failure — to keep a mobile TERA game running in Asia (the first being TERA M). While TERA Origin is going offline on January 28th, there’s hope for a much better successor. Lantu Games just launched TERA Classic, a mobile Unreal Engine 4 version of the game, in South Korea.

Source: MMO Culture

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The short lifespan of mobile MMOs is one reason why they are a greatly inferior choice for players wanting to commit long-term. Could you imagine any of the current mobile titles running for even a decade, not to speak of 24 years like Meridian 59?


Candy Crush
Genshin Impact


Original Farmville is closing.

It’s not MMO, neither is Candy Crush, and if Genshin Impact is still being played in 2044…. Well, then I will be very wrong. And very old. ;)