The Elder Scrolls Online details the challenges and rewards of the Vateshran Hollows


Facing off against deadly foes in single combat, traversing new landscapes, and earning your way to improved rewards. That might sound familiar to players of The Elder Scrolls Online, but the developers promise that the Vateshran Hollows from the upcoming Markarth DLC isn’t just the Maelstrom Arena in a new form. While the nature of the single-player boss fight challenge remains intact, it’s also meant to be a new sort of content that gives players challenges in traversal mechanics as well as in one-on-one fights.

There are three portals within the Hollows, each empowered by a different realm of Oblivion and giving players different obstacles to overcome. While all three must be taken on to emerge triumphant, you can take them on in any order you so desire, and along the way earn new equipment pieces, new weapon skins, and so forth. If the thought of these showdowns feeling more like a solo dungeon than just a single set of duels gets you pumped, check out the full preview for more details.


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