Warframe continues the Great Ensmallening with focus on texture size and visuals


In case you’re wondering just what the heck an “ensmallening” is, it’s an effort by Warframe to reduce the game’s overall file size and improve its performance over the course of three phases. The first phase arrived to PC players in September, and now the next phase is on the horizon for PC players with adjustments to textures.

Overall, these new texture adjustments should represent approximately 8-10 gigs in storage savings after a 10GB download. Incidentally, this refactoring of textures not only lightened up their overall file size load but also improved their visual quality, with some before and after examples shared in the forum post.

This second part of the Great Ensmallening is due to arrive to PC players sometime next week and will be bundled with TennoGen Round 19 Part 2, which regular players will recall was due to arrive on October 29th but was pushed back in order to hit some internal deadlines. But hey, player-created cosmetics and skinnier, prettier textures in one update seems like a fair trade.


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Turing fail
Turing fail

Kudos to Digital Extremes for doing this, especially when all the other developers for games in my library add more and more clutter to my computer storage with their updates. Now if DE could ensmallen the grind level for getting some blueprints and components…