Global Chat: How World of Warcraft can be peaceful


A recent article about the revised leveling process in World of Warcraft caught my eye, because MMO blogger Kaylriene spoke about how it’s really been helping him get through a hard time in his life by being, strangely enough, calming and peaceful.

“The whole experience led to me a thought about why it is I like the leveling experience in WoW,” Kaylriene writes. “It made me think about what it is about the modern game that still really draws me and can hold me regardless of whatever storms are raging at my door. WoW is, for the word ‘war’ in the title, actually very peaceful.”

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24 Hours In: The fun of the fair

Guild Wars 2 isn’t so much a theme park as it is a funfair.  The main attraction here isn’t the big rides but the sideshows — not the rollercoasters but the shooting galleries and the Test Your Strength machines.”

Aywren Sojourner: A return to Ultima Online

“I was shocked to find all my characters (there are 4) just as I left them – I was correct that they were on the Atlantic shard, too! This included my sister’s character that I’d forgotten had been associated with this account.”

Later Levels: 40 Kickstarter campaigns I’ve backed

“Kickstarter turned ten last year and has been promoting itself as a platform for brining creators and communities together since 28 April 2009. I was surprised to realise recently that I’ve now backed 40 successful campaigns in the past eight years so it’s time for a round-up.”

Dating Sims on the Holodeck: A deeper look at Genshin Impact

“All of the good stuff is still good, even after tens of hours. I’ve heard it staid that the combat is more comparable to Nier: Automata, rather than Breath of the Wild; I don’t know if that’s true or not, having never played Nier, but still, it’s good stuff.”

Contains Moderate Peril: MMO nostalgia

“Every now and then, when I log into The Lord of the Rings Online, as I ride through a new zone and drink in the vividly realised landscape and sumptuous ambient music, I am smitten by a wave of nostalgia. Just for a few seconds, I recall the emotional excitement of being in a virtual Middle-earth for the first time.”

GamingSF: Exile reached

“The design of the island is sumptious quite frankly, it is at or beyond Battle for Azeroth design standards, and that is saying something. There’s a lot of detail in the background and foreground of the island as you adventure through it. That’s a good environment to start players in I would say, much better than the dated starting zones of old.”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.

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Bruno Brito

Any game can be relaxing depending on how you play. I used to have quite relaxing times on Queensdale in GW2, if i just turned down the music ( GW2 music is quite upbeat, and honestly, altho Soule is a genius, i found it quite repetitive ) and put some background noise, like storytelling asmr or rain sounds.


Honestly when I think about peacefulness in WoW I can instantly remember how peaceful and relaxing it was to play Vanilla/Classic WoW at night when the music tends to be more subdued and the atmosphere just felt more chill and soothing. Running down those long winding roads with the moon and stars high in the sky, the music coming in quiet and subdued… or even chilling in Stormwind or Orgrimmar at night had a chill/calming feel compared to during the day. Not many games have been able to capture a similar feeling from me.

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Schlag Sweetleaf


peace be with you.gif

Not only WoW can have “calming and peaceful” experience. I remember playing EVE Online while not being a part of a corp, just flying solo through the vast open emptiness of space while carrying some valuable cargo or mindlessly doing some missions to raise the reputation with some NPC faction or just exploring areas which I haven’t yet explored while enjoying simple yet very fitting soundtrack this game offers and observing other players flying around and doing their own thing. I would say EVE offered the best “relaxing gaming” experience for me out of all MMORPGs when I just wanted to do my own thing without being bothered by interaction with other players other than just seeing them travel around. And yet there was always an option for people to engage in less peaceful and more intense type of gameplay, in groups as large as couple of hundred of players (I think largest single fleet size was 256) if they preferred that, including permanently capturing territories and building their own things. Really wish more game developers would offer such variety of gameplay and especially such vast spaces to travel through or to explore.


Well, people on this site like to bend over and take a giant, steaming crap on it, but I think Star Citizen will eventually offer this kind of experience. With the star systems and planets being so physically gigantic in the game I think if you want to just go get lost and avoid people that you will be very hard to find. Just size vs population I think you’ll have to actively seek out people to find them, really.


Maybe it will, but I wouldn’t put any money in it until it will be a finished game.

Bruno Brito

but I think Star Citizen will eventually offer this kind of experience.

Sure, you have a point, but i wouldn’t pay 45 bucks on what it is basically unfinished space ASMR.