The Daily Grind: Have you ever gotten into MMO lore speculation?

So has anyone had cookies recently? I like cookies.

When you play Star Wars: The Old Republic, there is a certain sort of lore speculation that holds that in 3000 years none of this will matter because we all know what happens then. (It involves midichlorians.) But there is also lore speculation about what will happen in the next patch, where the game’s current story is hinting, and when (or if) we’ll see various important NPCs again. Rather than being about making the current story line up with larger canon, it’s about guessing at the immediate situation based on the things we as players know.

Of course, many games don’t have a whole outside pile of lore to draw upon, but there’s still often enough lore to speculate about what might happen next. Players can make educated guesses about what is still to come in Final Fantasy XIV or World of Warcraft, for example. But are you one of those players? Have you ever gotten into MMO lore speculation? If so, did you lose interest in it (either due to being consistently wrong or just a lack of care on the part of the creators) or are you still involved in theorizing?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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Ken from Chicago

STAR TREK ONLINE although that’s more Star Trek lore speculation but kinda inspired by STO.

Bryan Turner

Yeah Accolonn has a great channel for that for WoW.

Oleg Chebeneev

I was speculating about future WoW expansions once in a while. Always fun


No, I don’t, most MMORPGs have worthless lore (especially WoW which always felt like story writers piling on random stuff as the game progressed) which is not interesting to follow and which I would gladly skip, with few exceptions like FFXIV. And even then I never cared for speculations about “what will happen in next chapter”. Really the only things I cared for in any MMORPG were if there are fun things to do once you go past all the “lore” fluff and related quests and cutscenes and whether there will be enough active players doing those things after they will also go through all the story and lore fluff.

Speaking of WoW’s “lore”, the writers who did all the story writing in all of its expansions always reminded me of this video from Family Guy:


I just play the story in the game. I don’t really think about it beyond playing it, or try to figure out where the devs are going next with it. I’m something of a writer IRL, but video games are what I play for fun, and analyzing them would be too much like work.

Bruno Brito

Not much. MMO lore is mediocre to bad , so i really don’t take much worth in the lore. Honestly, the best MMO lores are the ones that are self aware of how bad they are. Case in point: Project Gorgon.

In PG, Elves are sex addicts who love orgies and are also quite obsessed with cleanliness ( which is a contradiction, now that i think about it), Orcs are mumbling troglodytes who like violence, and Humans are prude, imperialistic pieces of greedy shit.

That’s some lore that i can get behind.

Oleg Chebeneev

There are MMOs with great lore if you care to learn it. EVE Online, Neocron, Anarchy Online to name a few.

Bruno Brito

Neocron’s lore is great, if it had any impact on how you play. It doesn’t, it only helps the setting. The game still devolves into crafting rushes, grindy mechanics and having almost no one to play with.

Anarchy Online also has good lore. It has better implementation than Neocron for sure, but that would force me to play AO and it’s extremely clunky mechanics and UI.

That’s my poing of why lore in MMO tends to be mediocre. You either go really away from the trend to get something good ( Ao and Neocron are both post-apocalyptic/futuristic MMOs ) and fail it’s implementation because of resources or jankiness, or you follow the fantasy trend and ends up with “World of Warcraft on The Star Wars Universe” or some crap. I mean, do anyone here knows Tera lore? Archeage’s lore? Allods lore ( which is decent )?


sry, but did we play the same NC?
factions were as lore-driven as the O(ut)P(ost)-dynamic.
as Counselor of FA my primary duty was the ambient: Diplomacy, internal politics, trials and ofc rallying for another breach of truce by the treacherous CA, which recently allied with Crahn – again und nighthacked our Factories (which were usually open for everyone).

also the organisation of NF and open-air tournaments (with support of Chenoa), too bad Reakktor wouldnt support some more intensive RP events (WarBots deployed by Hoverbots at Medi, an assasination attempt on Reza not even a scavenger hunt on the last remaining spirit mods).

but even on maybe a nonRP server there was a clear ((gameplay) distinction between factions, items, boni and ofc the RP. some faction questlines were challenging.
faction (choice) mattered at least until 08 (havent logged since).


I tend not to like speculation, because i feel like it’s meaningless to potentially get excited about things that are very likely never going to happen. I do however love learning about lore intricacies from a historic perspective – what led us to TODAY? I’m a sucker for “history” in general, so this very much translates into games i play (or at least ones i care about).

Malcolm Swoboda

Hate it or love (okay, like) it, I was heavily into RIFT lore discussion.

I was also into, but not very talkative about, Secret World stuff.

I browse SWTOR and WoW stuff.

I have interest in, to the point of trying to avoid spoilers just in case, GW2 and ESO stuff.


Lore speculation always helps me get an understanding of what’s going on with the game’s story to a degree. So yeah…guilty with this as a pair of pigtails caught in a cookie jar. >.<


GW2: murdercatdogbastards