World of Warships adds sci-fi LTM, War Thunder announces battlecruisers and battleships


Both of the big military vehicle battlers are getting some unique updates, so we’ll go ahead and bundle up the latest news from War Thunder and World of Warships together in one post. Either way, there’s a whole lot of naval combat going down.

In World of Warships, there are a couple of unique events to take part in such as the second part of the American Battleships event and the limited-time Key Battle mode. The American Battleships event tasks players with clearing objectives and completing a collection that culminates with a new Tier V Oklahoma battleship, while the 16-player Key Battle mode pits hi-tech sci-fi battleships against alien sea monsters and each other for a key to an exit portal.

As for War Thunder, the upcoming New Power update will be bringing more than visual updates and next-gen console support, but will also introduce colossal battlecruisers and battleships, including the British Dreadnought, the German Westfalen, and the US New Orleans among others. To accommodate these massive craft, the game’s tech trees will now be split into two — coastal fleet and blue-navy fleet — each with their own progression. That said, naval battles in the game will still feature boats of all sizes.

More details on War Thunder’s fleet changes can be read about here, while patch notes for World of Warships’ latest update can be found here. There’s also a whole slew of videos from both games after the break.

sources: press releases

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