Hellgate: London rogue server London: 2038 enters beta

Yeah, we don't know either.

If you take a look back at the extremely bumpy history of Hellgate: London, the fact that the game has got yet another lease on life isn’t so much surprising as par for the course, like Dracula rising up constantly to fight the Belmonts. So here we go once more with the rogue server London: 2038, which started work on reanimating the long-suffering title in 2016 and has now entered beta, just in time for Halloween this past weekend.

The beta build of the game, as one would expect, features a full alpha character wipe. It also removed unique retrainers from vendors and reduced the maximum number of characters per account to 12. In addition, the beta has introduced some bug fixes, dye kit flavor text changes, skill adjustments, and monster nerfs.

If you happen to still have your copy of the original game floating around, there’s an install guide to follow for those who want to join in, as well as an FAQ and a Discord.

source: official site, thanks to Agemyth for the tip!

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I believe I threw out my discs awhile ago.

Evasive Dice

Alright my interest is peaked. Sounds like a private server but really well done. They probably keep trying to re hash the game because honestly it was a good game with good replay mechanics. I mean archeage and bless has been doing the re hash thing. Might as well give hellgate a shot. Hellgate actually had a solid game unlike bless and archage though. So probably worth trying out for sure.


I think I still have the original CD discs for this.

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Overambitious and way ahead of its time.
I’ve been playing a bit on the 2038 servers and it’s been a good time.


Someone should do a spiritual successor or something. Clearly there’s still interest in the game after all this time. I loved it sans the game breaking bugs in it. If this game could get a do-over in a modern engine by talented devs that cared about the game I bet it would do quite well.