Star Conflict introduces an infectious game mode and a Plague Doctor DLC


It looks as if the digital space of Star Conflict is any more safe from a highly viral infection than the real world — at least in the case of the online spaceship battler’s new brawl Curse of the Leviathan, which arrived as part of update 1.7.4.

In Curse of the Leviathan, one random player is infected with a virus that can be transmitted to the rest of the players in the brawl through combat. The objective: either survive for as long as possible until help arrives, or infect everyone with the ship-based plague, depending on which side of the mode you’re on. The brawl will be available every day up until Monday, November 16th, while the rest of the game’s brawls will be disabled during this time frame.

In honor of this virus-leaning new brawl, Star Conflict is selling a Plague Doctor DLC pack which includes a variant of the Jericho rank 13 Interceptor, a unique patter and decor, and in the case of the pack’s deluxe edition, several pieces of kit like a pulse laser, vernier engines, and adaptive camo among other items, as well as 30 days of premium time for those who purchase either pack.

The update has also added a Halloween-themed event and DLC packs (which has no hard end date but the pack sales end on November 16th, so there’s likely still time), some bug fixes, and a change to the battle time in the northwest portal. The game’s website has all of the details.

source: press release

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