EVE buffs up the Encounter Surveillance System to encourage player fighting even after taking out PvE bounties

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The upcoming new Dynamic Bounty System for EVE Online gives players a reason to fight PvE pirates and earn bounties, with the game’s multiplier system allowing each kill in more dangerous territories to be worth more. But there’s an extra wrinkle added with the new version of the Encounter Surveillance System, which takes a portion of each bounty earned and pays out automatically within each system… assuming that the funds within the system’s bank aren’t stolen ahead of time.

ESS placement will now be automatic within each system, with a known location and limitations within the field to encourage players to get to the structure and start fighting over it. The result is that high-risk hunting pays out bigger money, while also making the ESS in a given system a more tempting prize… thus leading to more fighting among players, thus raising the value on bounties, which in turn leads to hunts paying out more money. It’s a fun cycle, with the developers promising to keep a close watch on how the meta develops and plays out around the structures.


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I always question the need to get players to fight over something. I mean, it reeks “Lets do something to make peeps bigger assholes to each other than they already are,” for reasons that seemingly have no point. /sigh

Wilhelm Arcturus

This is classic CCP. The ESS system was widely rejected in null sec, the only place where it can be deployed. Some groups even banned them from their space. The ESS system is an awkward, artificial mechanic that null sec residents generally avoided.

So, in the midst of a giant war that has already set two Guinness World Records, CCP is trying to make null sec groups fight over resources by making the ESS system mandatory because they don’t get null sec politics and don’t understand why null sec groups go to war.


No – they do get Null Sec politics in the game – but don’t like how they currently work; so they’re trying to do something artificial to change the current paradigm.

Wilhelm Arcturus

That it clearly won’t work… nobody is going to go to war over something like the ESS… undercuts your argument that they understand null sec at all.