MechWarrior Online’s CM promises more community input and a ‘rough outline of a plan’ for updates


Another news story about MechWarrior Online roughly two weeks since our last report? Yes, believe it or not, the lines of communication appear to be opening more than they ever have.

As we noted in that last report in October, Piranha Games had re-hired Daeron “Bombadil” Katz as a full-time community manager for MWO while also promising that “the next phase” of the game is being worked on, and a post from Katz on the game’s website appears to be making good on that foggy promise while also making promises himself.

“You will have opportunities in the coming weeks to make your voice heard, either on the relevant MWO forum posts, a town hall style meeting, and communicating with me directly,” writes Katz. “This week I will again be meeting [with the devs] to go over a rough outline of a plan, based on all of the compiled feedback we went over last week. I will then post this outline for your review and discussion, while also presenting it to the developers for technical reviews.”

This outline is expected to be shared as early as November 6th but no later than November 9th. The compiled feedback, incidentally, relates to a number of parts of the MWO experience, including the new player experience, skill trees, map updates, and game mode updates among other things.


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A real Mechwarrior (or otherwise Battletech) MMO, even a MMORTS, would be wonderful. Piranha Games, understandably, doesn’t have the resources to build something larger.

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Richard de Leon III

I’m not sure how they can improve the game without spending a ton on engine work. For most of us vets, we have all the mechs we need. As for cockpit items and mech addons, for the most part I personally dont feel the need to buy them since they are either seen so infrequently or get blown off the mech on the first shot.
Monetization with the game is really borked as much as i appreciate it being free at this point for me to play and participate.

For my personal experience, I would love more maps, and to make those maps more dynamic on spawn points or terrain obstacles. If it were even possible, some semblance of a persistant campaign would be nice.