Old School RuneScape breaks its concurrency record


Don’t look now — well, yes, look now — but Old School RuneScape is greater than it’s ever been. The 2007-era version of the classic MMORPG has proved to be even more popular than RuneScape standard, with its Leagues II: Trailblazer pushing it to new heights.

In fact, Jagex trumpeted the fact that this past Sunday, the game broke its concurrency record with 173,006 players in the game at the same time. This is a tremendous number for any MMO and would put Old School RuneScape in the top five of Steam games if the totality of its numbers were there.

The main reason for the recent increase in population is the game’s time-limited hardcore servers that are presenting an increased challenge to experienced players. These servers launched last Wednesday.

Source: Twitter, PC Gamer. Thanks Schlag!

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