Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen offers a look at its environmental art process


The environmental artist. One of the unsung heroes of game development. These folks are the ones that very often set the stage for how a game’s areas and region will look, with the design and artistry creating an overall motif to tell the story of a world through visuals. This is some of what was showcased by Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen in a recent developer livestream with senior environment artist Jimmy Lane.

Much of the livestream, as one would expect, wasn’t exactly revelatory in terms of features, but it does take an extremely close look at several pieces of art, how they were created, and what was considered during their creation, all while making sure that created assets can be scaled with an eye to Pantheon’s future. Over the course of the broadcast it was almost immediately apparent that Lane loves his job and especially the tools used to perform that job.

The final ten minutes or so of the stream went through some overall development progress, which brought up some overall positive reaction to PA5 testing, updates to Faerthale that will be brought to internal testers soon, and work on the eastern plains of the King’s Reach area, as well as several fan questions. The full broadcast can be seen below.

source: YouTube

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