Shadow Arena introduces a new trio mode with new mechanics


Speaking from personal experience, battle royale is more tolerable when you’re with friends, if for nothing else than to have someone to complain to when you’re taken out by someone you didn’t see coming seriously what the heck happened the map was clear literally seconds ago. Enter trio mode for Shadow Arena, which lets three friends come together to suffer fight together.

Trio mode, as its name suggests, pits five teams of three against one another in the usual battle royale throwdown, but this time adds a few new wrinkles to the mix. For one, players on a team can revive one another and those who are taken down can respawn automatically after a set length of time passes so long as another member of the team is still alive. For another, trio mode adds an Ascension mechanic where a Relic of Ascension spawns in the middle of the Dark Fog 15 minutes after a match begins; players that stand near the Relic and fill a gauge completely will automatically win the match.

Finally, there are Blackstar Fragments that appear around the map. When players near these, they will break, and when they’re destroyed they grant the entire team additional Attack and Defense Points.

In addition to the new game mode, Shadow Arena is in pre-season until November 5th, has made changes to solo ranking promotion requirements, and has made a few changes to the lobby UI and several of the game’s heroes. The official site has all the details.

sources: press release, official site
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