Survival MMO Stars End flies under the Steam radar in early access


Despite going into early access earlier this fall, the space survival sim Stars End hasn’t made a lot of traction with the Steam community. In fact, if you happen to buy the $15 and hop in, you’re going to need to do a lot of scouting to find anyone, as the game is only populated by a handful of players at the moment.

That said, the development team hasn’t slowed down any. During the month of October alone, Stars End pumped out four updates that made a whole lot of fixes, resolved some issues with crews, rewrote the game’s AI, and ushered in a balance and graphics pass.

“We have a bigger update today that worked on all areas of the game,” the team said back on October 14th. “First you will notice visual improvements both in FPS and TPS camera (you might need to reset Visual Settings to see the changes in FOV). We continued to improve Spotter mode – now allowing more options when cycling resources, and full free camera view when holding MMB while on a horse or a ground vehicle.”

Hopefully this will be one of those projects that picks up popularity as word-of-mouth spreads over time. It isn’t looking to launch anytime soon, in any case; Stars End is projecting a late 2022 release date.

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