World of Warcraft: Free BlizzCon, dev swap, and Revendreth preview


Blizzard President J. Allen Brack posted an interesting “fireside chat” yesterday to talk about what’s going on with the studio and its games in these final months of 2020. Brack said that “over 95%” of Blizzard has been working from home since the pandemic and is putting the final touches on Shadowlands before its November 23rd launch.

He said that, to date, over 100 million characters have been made in World of Warcraft. He also spoke to the success of Overwatch’s machine learning that has resulted in a dramatic decrease of toxic behavior.

One important announcement is that Brack said that this coming February’s virtual BlizzCon will be completely free to all who want to attend online.

In other Blizzard news, we learned from Wowhead that Diablo IV’s Lead Systems Designer has been moved over to World of Warcraft, as David Kim has taken up the role of principle game designer for the MMO.

If you’re snarfing up everything related to Shadowlands, you’ll definitely want to read the new (free) short story “Terror by Torchlight” and watch the fly-over of the expansion’s Revendreth zone:


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They should require an active webcam feed from all participants so that we can all see each other. Let’s re-ignite the Real ID fiasco.

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Are you telling me that I won’t have to pay 40$ to be served ads? wow, what a deal!