Aion EU adds a PvPvE battlefield, a new dungeon, and new gear in the Prison of Time update

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Welcome to the Prison of Time, EU players of Aion. Or, more specifically, the Prison of Time update, which has introduced some new encounters, new gear, and new glyphs among other features.

The tentpole content pieces of the new update are the PvPvE Tempus Fugit battlefield that sees players battle their way through the area to take on a powerful opponent, and an update to the Beshmundir Storm Temple dungeon that offers a party of five the promise of “ultimate PvE gear” as a reward. There’s also some new ultimate gear for players to craft or collect from field prize givers, 12 new Glyphs to earn, and the addition of the Lumiel’s Transmorph system that lets players infuse items they don’t want to make items they do want.

Those are some of the marquee features of the update, but there’s more to read up on, so you can either get the briefing or download the patch notes PDF for more.


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