Ashes of Creation offers a close look at the alpha one Cleric as it preps for an Extra Life charity stream

Heard of it?

You want a healer? Ashes of Creation has got your healer right here. Or it will once alpha one kicks off, and it’s that classic of the healing archetypes, the Cleric, which was given its own alpha one showcase.

Nothing about the Cleric class breaks type here, wielding divine light to hurt foes and heal allies (or in the case of the Hallowed Ground skill, doing both at once). The preview offers a rundown of some of the class’ abilities as well as some video footage to whet your deific appetite.

The preview is part of the October recap newsletter, which also provides a nod to the game’s most recent developer livestream while also casting a light on its upcoming Extra Life charity livestream, which will once again feature a live tabletop RPG game with alpha one key giveaways and donation incentives to affect the game. That broadcast is set to run for 24 hours starting on Saturday, November 7th, at 9:00 a.m. EST on Twitch.


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