Crowfall aims for a ‘revival’ with this month’s update


Crowfall’s next big patch is coming soon to the beta with the optimistic title of The Revival. And hey, maybe it will inject a greater deal of excitement into the game’s beta, especially with more options and better character diversity added to the mix.

ArtCraft said that this patch is responding to testers’ desires to be able to create more varied characters: “This update delivers a significantly expanded set of options players can choose from to create uniquely differentiated Crow builds. The impetus for this update came in large measure from player feedback; as players communicated their desire to create characters that were uniquely differentiated.”

As such, beta testers will encounter a new system called Domains. Domains are “a bundled set of powers and abilities” that are available in sets of three to each Discipline. ArtCraft said that players will have to make “tough choices” as they’ll be forced to pick only one of the 15 Domains for their toon.

Crowfall is hosting its November developer Q&A livestream later today.

Source: Kickstarter

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Jack Tyme

Revival haha, Crowfall staff will have to keep coming up with revival campaigns to keep that sht floating.

I’ m still waiting for someone to rip off all of Star Citizen’s assets, make Star Citizen 2 and release it before Star Citizen comes out.


Probably not the best choice of names for an update as it sort of implies that the game is in a near death state.

Of course, who knows. Maybe folks are just tired of these endless Star Citizen like ‘not really a game’ development paths and hype-fatigue has now set in for SC, CU, CF, and the rest of these sorts of non-games.