Mortal Online 2 adds a new city, armor and shield crafting, and archery in its latest update

Sure, fine. Great. Neat.

There’s been another patch applied to Mortal Online 2, and this one has some fresh new things for players to do, whether it’s firing sharp, pointy sticks at people from a distance, crafting new equipment, or visiting a new location. That means archery, armor and shield crafting, and the city of Meduli and its surrounding landscape are all part of the update.

There are a number of other additions in the patch as well, such as “simple swimming” (though that can’t be done when in combat mode), animations for crafting and for applying bandages, player character LODs for bodies, armors, and hairstyles, and client side movement prediction to improve player positioning, which readers will recall is part of the game’s efforts to improve latency and combat feel. The patch has also applied a number of changes and fixes, so players may want to get the full details in the notes.


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