The Repopulation talks up its new inventory system and plans to remove character model bones


The Repopulation closed out its October updates with talk of containers and bones, which seems thematically appropriate, except the containers in question are related to character inventory and the bones are linked to character models. So it’s not all that spooky when you look at it.

On the subject of the game’s updated inventory system, the devs believe that the first iteration is about 80 to 90% complete. The new system will grant players 100 inventory slots by default, along with the ability to add eight expansion bags with five inventory slots each for a total of 140 inventory slots. Players should expect to see their digital pants gain a whole bunch of pockets in the next few weeks.

As for character model bones, the devs are looking to reduce the number of them from 80 down to 70 after testing found some erroneous additions to model skeletons (developer protip: your character model probably doesn’t need two clavicle bones). This planned adjustment will address a number of issues including clipping, weird body part movement, and a reduction in animation quality among other things, while also improving overall performance.

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