What’s going on with Epic Games’ lawsuit against Google?

Celebration of whatever.

Ever since Epic Games took its festering feud with Apple to the courts back in August, lawsuit news has focused on that specific fight – and the willingness of both companies to grandstand in filings (and elsewhere).

But if your memory goes back to August – or you’ve noticed our tag for these stories is “epic-apple-google” – then you’ll recall that Epic actually tried the same stunt with Fortnite on Android, adding an update to the Android title that allowed gamers to bypass Google’s payment system and pay Epic directly. Like Apple, Google ultimately booted Fortnite off Google Play in retaliation, although it never openly threatened Unreal app development on the platform.

But it’s been relatively quiet since. In September, Google asked the judge to dismiss Epic’s suit and attempted to have its lawsuit disentangled from Apple’s. It got its split suit, but not the dismissal. And now, it’s failed in its effort to get the case moved to two years from now.

According to The Esports Observer, the judge in this case, James Donato, rejected Google’s request to delay the case that long. He didn’t pick Epic’s proposed February 2021 date either and instead suggested the two companies should “get moving” to come to an agreement on the date. Either way, it’s moving forward.

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