Fallout 76 demos the quests and rewards of the Steel Dawn update


Bethsoft is pumping up Fallout 76 players for the December launch of Steel Dawn today with a new dev gameplay video. “The Brotherhood of Steel is returning to Appalachia in our Steel Dawn Update that’s on its way to Fallout 76 in December,” the studio says. “Alongside the group’s arrival, we’re adding the first part of an all-new questline to the game, where you’ll rendezvous with the Brotherhood to learn what they’re doing here and how you can lend a hand with their efforts.”

In other Fallout 76 news, if you need some distraction today and the rest of the weekend, poke your nose into the Treasure Hunter event, which is live now through noon EST on November 9th, and then stay tuned for next week, when in celebration of the game’s second anniversary Bethsoft is running a bonus challenge week and a mystery pick event too.

The new Steel Dawn video is below.


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Evasive Dice

The reddit is pretty lit up. Nobody is happy right now with their direction. I play 76 currently maybe 5 hours a week. That’s less then an hour a day. They now made fallout 1st required in their upcoming battle pass to earn exclusive rewards to bait people into paying for 1st. We’re talking bugs are still rampant and leveling exploits and now their pay walling the scoreboard pass (half) behind fallout 1st subs. People are not pleased on reddit. So I’ll probably taper down my gameplay of 76 after reading the masses complaints going unheard. Had no idea the game was in still such a bad shape and their monetizing future content even harder. I had fun for a solid 80 hours before I read the upcoming scoreboard changes. You’ll miss alot of things now on the scoreboard if your not a 1st subscriber.

Kickstarter Donor

76′ for me has always been the opposite of Anthem. Where Anthem had enjoyable and workable mechanics but almost no story… 76′ has an awesome story but mechanically just doesn’t work as intended because of a few carry-over issues from singleplayer that just do not translate to multiplayer in any way, shape, or form. Not to mention a couple of apparent technical limitations that apparently cease to be limitations anymore when Bethesda monetize them… sigh

That said this new update looks pretty cool and I do enjoy a good Brotherhood storyline (so not Fallout 4’s brotherhood storyline lol) when done right.

Not a whole lot of features mentioned though 1 armor a few weapons, one settlement placeable, and two companions that you can only get on the storyboard.. meh seems a little lite in that regard. I think they seem to be hoping Shelters features that are being thrown together with this and released at the same time will offset the oversight?