Pantheon studio Visionary Realms seeks a technical artist for its dev team

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As Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen gears up for a momentous year of development and testing, the project needs additional help to get the MMORPG looking its best. As such, Visionary Realms posted a job listing in search of a temporary technical artist to join the team.

“Visionary Realms is looking for an experienced Technical Artist with a passion for building worlds,” the studio said. “The candidate has a strong understanding of writing shaders and has experience in Unity. This is a remote, full-time contracted position for three months.”

The artist will be expected to do a whole lot of artisty things, such as “write terrain shader” and “play well with current heighmap blending.” That certainly sounds both artistic and technical to our ears.

Pantheon is in the midst of a whole lot of pre-alpha testing as it attempts to create a smaller-scale MMO that functions as a complete product.


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