SWTOR on how Feast of Prosperity revives old planets and makes the galaxy ‘feel more lived-in’

SWTOR on how Feast of Prosperity revives old planets and makes the galaxy ‘feel more lived-in’

With Star Wars The Old Republic’s Feast of Prosperity update out in the wild, BioWare has put together a dev blog interview from World Designer Allison Berryman discussing the studio’s thoughts behind the patch.

“There were plenty of reasons to make a new seasonal event, but one of the main motivators for me was to make the galaxy feel more lived-in,” Berryman explains. “Since it only comes around once a year, the Feast is definitely something to look forward to, but beyond that, it gets to exist outside the high-stakes main storylines in the game. You get to take part in a different type of story with lower stakes, but it still has interesting choices, new allies and adversaries, and opportunities to express your characters, too.”

Notably, she says the team wanted to play around with different personalities for the Hutts and find ways to send players to existing locations they haven’t visited in a while.

“I already talked about how the mini-games let us explore some interesting gameplay, but another thing I personally enjoy is having a reason to go back to worlds I haven’t visited in a while (for worlds where that makes sense, of course!). This wraps around into having a galaxy that feels alive, I think. Just because the planet’s story arc is over or my main story doesn’t involve that planet anymore shouldn’t mean there’s never a reason to go back.”

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Stanley Lathan

I now get a pink screen at character selection screen since the update. Help please.

Jeremy Barnes

You know how you suck at MMO design…you try to solve the ‘lived in’ problem with a seasonal event.