The Destiny 2 community rallies behind dev whose house burned to the ground


If you thought it couldn’t get any worse than a pandemic, election, and riots wrapped up in one moment, just imagine your house burning down in the middle of it all. That’s apparently what happened to one unfortunate Bungie developer: Matt Findley, Design Director for Destiny’s scenario team. And now the Destiny 2 community is now rallying around him.

As relayed by Bungie Design Lead Peter Sarrett and Production Director Justin Truman, the Findley family lost their home last week.

“On Thursday, October 28th, Matt and Alysha Findley’s house burned down,” Truman says. “While the family was able to escape safely, they lost everything. They are heartbroken, overwhelmed, and exhausted, and could really use your help. Any funds donated will go directly towards helping them settle into a long term living arrangement, and help with their immediate, basic needs.”

As I type this, almost $25,000 has been raised for the family, far surpassing the $5000 sought. Way to go folks. Thanks for being the helpers.

Source: GoFundMe via Twitter

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