World of Warcraft: Shadowlands explains legendary item crafting, shows off the Maw


Legendary items have been a contentious topic for World of Warcraft players ever since Legion made them easier to acquire. Blizzard’s been struggling to figure out the best way to dole out these super-powerful pieces of gear ever since, and with Shadowlands, it appears that the approach will be to let players simply, you know, make their own.

The new scheme will require max-level players to complete a quest chain to help a guy named “The Runecarver” inside of Torghast. As thanks, he’ll help you forge specific legendary items — but only after you’ve gone on a zone-hopping scavenger hunt to find all of the components. It doesn’t sound simple, exactly, but players might find that the greater control they have over the specific legendary created is worth the effort.

In other Shadowlands news, Blizzard continued its zone tours with a look at the Maw, the endgame zone that will literally kill you if you stay there too long:

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