ArcheAge’s Rise of Nehliya update is heading to the game’s public test server


Are you curious about that blue lady that walked out of a mirror in that initial announcement for ArcheAge’s latest update? Then feel free to find out, as the Rise of Nehliya update is coming to PTS once it opens over “the next couple of days.”

The PTS build offers up nine new main story quests and nine new exploration locations, along with the previously announced Risopoda hunt and the fight against Nehliya the Queen of Annihilation herself. Along the way, players will also want to report on bugs, localization issues, and other “pesky kinks”; this is a test for the game’s update, after all.

Players who are hopping in to the PTS will want to keep eyes on this forum thread for all of the latest PTS patch notes, while the game’s PTS will be online for an indeterminate length of time.


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