DC Universe Online battles across time in its latest episode, Long Live the Legion


“Protect the future. Save the past.” That’s a tall order for any superhero squad, but it’s totally within the abilities of the 31st century Legion of Super-Heroes.

In DC Universe Online’s latest episode release, heroes are called to fight the sorcerer Mordru, who is jumping into his past — our present — to alter the timeline. So the 31st century good guys are outsourcing his defeat to the past as well, and, hey, here we are.

“Long Live the Legion features new daily and weekly Open World missions, raid-like world bosses, a normal and elite Alert, and a normal and elite Raid! To play this content your character must be level 30 and have a minimum Combat Rating of 310,” Daybreak said.

However, if you’re not 30 yet, there’s a special event version of this content for lower-level heroes on the duty menu.


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