Last Oasis adds a heavy-duty walker and a new event map, tests base decay mechanics in its beta build


There’s been yet another weekly update to the woodpunk survival sandbox Last Oasis, this time bringing with it a new Hercul heavy walker and the new Ancient City event map that promises new lootsites, rupu camps, and merchants to find. The update has also made a variety of changes to the game’s economy and applied several balance adjustments like walkers taking increased projectile damage.

Perhaps more importantly for players, though, is the addition of base decay in the game’s beta branch. Players now have to build a Maintenance Chest and fill it with resources that are used over time or else the base will begin to decay, with larger bases consuming more resources (naturally). To give players time to adjust to these changes, base degradation won’t be applied until some time early next week, so those in the beta branch will want to start building those Chests and filling them with goodies now.

Taking a moment to get Last Oasis’ temperature, we see a slight jump in player counts in October of just over 460 average players and a 14% increase in player counts in the last 30 days. The last 24-hour peak currently sits at 820 as of this writing, but that’s still a far cry from its all-time peak of over 33K.


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I might be inclined to try it out, but the all PVP, all the time aspect really doesn’t encourage me. One of the things I like best out of Conan Exiles is that you can play on PVP servers if you like, or PVE, or PVE-C or further along with private servers and unique rulesets like RP-PVP with factional war systems.

But a game where the only choice is to be zerged or constantly on the run? That’s probably great for some players, but really not what I’m looking for


I love this game but that’s pretty much my opinion too. As a solo player, you can do all sorts of convoluted strats to be as safe as possible, but overall you’ll need to enjoy the thrill of being prey. It’s clearly not a popular mindset.

This is one game that I think would’ve benefited from NOT having guilds. And just focused on good 5-man group content riding around on your walker of choice. At the very least, added some sort of sanctuary for solo players so you’re not always prey. Like choosing what degree of risk/reward you want, instead of always at risk.

Right now, you keep your good walker loaded with all your stuff in the lobby. Then you roam around in a tiny walker with minimal equipment so if you die, no big deal. Then you go to the edge of the map and load everything back into your main walker within the immunity timer. Repeat.


damn, that player drop is impressive

Evasive Dice

Beat me to it. This game had a “new game phase” to it and then it went silent for a long time. I was about to say, does anyone even play this anymore? God it makes me happy I dodge trends. It had an impressive burst from an unknown company and then quietly died down. Folks you always wait a good 6 months before investing in a game from an unknown company no matter the surge. That’s what we call trend gaming.


I got a good month or two of fun out of it playing with a decent group, which I consider a fair trade for the cost. I think it’s biggest failing is the same as most of these kind of games, the only content is grinding resources and wiping other groups off the map, which is a self-destructive design. I played Life is Feudal for months, and had a ton of fun, but once the base you spent all that time putting resources into gets wiped by an impossibly large zerg, the game is essentially over for most players.


I mainly agree, but I think a point that should be made is that in LIF your base is stuck wherever you built it. When the zerg shows up you are screwed. In LO you can pack up your base and leave when the zerg shows up. So it’s not really an apples to apples comparison. Obviously bases still get wiped, because people make poor decisions, and then say the game is unfair and go back to their ARK PVE servers or whatever.

But yeah, in the long run I don’t really see how this “the other players are the content” game design is really sustainable. You see a lot of games that are trying to be EVE Online, but EVE has content in addition to the PVP.