Legends of Aria deep-dives The Outlands’ Necromancer class


Legends of Aria has a fresh dev vlog out this week previewing its upcoming Outlands release, both its locations and its planned Necromancer class.

“The Outlands is shaping up to be a truly unique landmass and we are ready to showcase two new points of interest: the Hangman’s Tree and Necropolis,” Citadel Studios says. The Necropolis is what it says on the tin: a city of the dead, a makeshift graveyard, while the Hangman’s Tree is a point of interest where NPC necromancers were persecuted. As for the playable Necro?

“The Necromancer class will be extremely pet oriented with summonable minions, which provides the class with a large portion of its damage but also acting as a manageable resource. Necromancers will start out with the ability to summon a base minion type that will be ‘upgradeable’ through the necromancer infusing their essence into the minion. By essence, we mean life. Necromancers will not feature a traditional mana/energy pool but will instead use their life force as their primary resource to cast spells and enhance minions. These base minions will have the ability to be enhanced to fill specific roles that the Necromancer may need at the time, such as melee, ranged, and magic damage dealers as well as minions that can actively taunt enemies. However, don’t get attached to your minions as there are multiple pathways for the Necromancer to dispose of them in exchange for defensive and offensive potency. Players that want to excel at the necromancy class will have to learn to adeptly juggle the creation and consumption of their minions as well as their own health pools.”

Citadel does promise more previews are en route; we’re expecting Outlands and the PR 11 to release later this month.

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