Diablo III Season 22 introduces shadow clones and a fourth Kanai’s Cube slot on November 20


The seasons keep rolling on in Diablo III, with the ARPG’s 22nd season, Shades of the Nephalem, confirmed for Friday, November 20th. As the season’s name suggests, the wrinkle this time around is the ability to summon a shadow clone of your character when interacting a shrine or pylon, which matches your character’s strength and follows you around for one minute or until death. In addition to seeing double, the Kanai’s Cube is seeing quadruple, with a fourth slot added that can be filled with any power, though you can’t stack powers from other slots.

Naturally, there’s seasonal rewards to rake in like cosmetic rewards from Season 10, class sets from three previous seasons waiting in Haedrig’s Gift boxes, and a new Book of Cain pet and Lost Civilization portrait frame for completing the Season 22 Guardian Journey. For details on what else is in this seasonal update as well as the conquests and journey objectives, make sure to check the full post.


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