Conan Exiles plans anti-undermesh features for PC, updates on the Xbox version’s woes


Busy times over in Conan Exiles land. There’s things for both PC players and Xbox players to report on, so let’s dig right in:

  • First, the PC version’s recent crafting-minded update has gotten a hotfixing, with changes to placement boxes for Tanneries, Furnaces, Delving, and Alchemist Benches, fixes for a number of building piece pivots and collisions, despawning of Siege and ambient Elder Things when leaving a Maelstrom, and a host of other bug fixes.
  • In other Exiles PC news, official Exiled Lands PvP servers will be getting anti-undermesh features with patch 2.1.2. The feature is set to arrive to PvE and PvE Conflict official servers later, while Isle of Siptah servers need more testing to clear false positives. The feature is also heading to console versions once Isle of Siptah launches.
  • Speaking of console versions, Scott Junior has written up a brief update regarding the ongoing battle against Xbox One’s various crashes and instabilities. The good news is that the devs were able to recreate the problem in a development build, but the bad news is that the pandemic has once more forced the team to work from home, meaning testing will be a bit harder to do. Another update should be coming soon.
source: official forums (1, 2, 3)

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Dean Greenhoe

I had to look up anti-undermesh. I guessed it right but…

Hikari Kenzaki

They released the Xbox patch today.

Unfortunately, there is an ID Mismatch in the database that is causing the game to think the player characters are deleted.

They are not deleted and they hope to have a fix soon. I think this is a backend issue and probably doesn’t require another patch, but can’t be sure.

Probably a good bet to not try logging in until it’s fixed.