One Shots: Don’t stare directly at the book


In most games, a book is a dumping ground for ignored lore or, at best, a prop to make you look extra-nerdy for all your nerd friends. But in Final Fantasy XIV, a book is an all-powerful weapon of unimaginable destructive power that will sear your retinas if you happen to read to chapter four.

It’s safe to say that poor Vincent is completely blind. But it was worth it to make an impression on everyone else, don’t you think?

“I played the heck out of Fallen Earth,” posted reader Paul in a completely separate article that I’m stealing for this post. “I was in early on in the alpha and continued to play heavily through the first few years. Not many games like this on the market, I hope it comes back!”

Utakata may not be reading a book, but that lil’ hellcat is putting on a lightshow in Blade and Soul even so. “Ga’cha!” screams a voice before your world goes all white… and then all black.


If you take a tour around Conan Exiles, you may hear this voice rise up: “I am Hikari Kenzaki, Fashionista and Queen of Alchemy! Look upon my dye empire and despair! Or go ahead and take some, I have hundreds and can make more.”

TexyFX is certainly having some high-altitude fun in World of Warcraft, putting on a fashion show that impresses the eagles and very ambitious mountain goats.

“Sittin ‘on top of the world, not a Brandy and Mace cover,” he wrote. “Everything disco, until the morning…”

That’s it for this week, but the fun continues in the comments! Share some of your best or most notable screenshots from your MMO gaming, along with a story or description.

Every week, One Shots shines a spotlight on the best community screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a great pic to share, email it to with the subject “One Shots.” Make sure that the picture is over 880px wide and comes with a description or story!

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Two pics this time – one inside the Pyramid of Derketto on the Island of Siptah – the new building set lets you make some very impressive structures (this one is complete with a hidden treasure room and a secret passage.)

The other is my Sylvari Druid Dawnchilde basking in the desert sun, about to “comb the desert” for clues to what Balthazar is up to, but there’s always time to just bask in the sun for a bit. :)

Lethia Myune

My Skyforge character showing off her big big sword, on a break from squishing the Demon Invasion enemies. There’s very little you can do in the game without a solid squad ready to carry you around for days, but even for the solo player there’s the 5 min a day God Form for…mundane tasks. Yeah, sad but pretty >.>

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I love it when the environment tells a story, in a cave, a skeleton with an axe in the skull, but there is no armor, how did that happen? who looted the armor? and why they left behind the bag?

The innkeeper invites adventurer to her “inn” an empty tent with two skeletons, there is so much to explain here lady.

Bryan Turner

Reasons, besides by comparison our player characters are mass murderers.

Bryan Turner

My Paladin The Purifier pay respects to the old boss after my big promotion.


Just a Namazu in power armor.


Keep an eye out for the ‘Steel Othardhood’ faction when we return to the Source, I heard they’ve been mobilizing!


Celebrate good times, come on! <3

Vincent Clark

Thanks for the shout out this week!

A couple of my FC members and I released our first digital magazine last week and this is the image we used for the cover.

IronSalamander8 .

Now that I found how t0 remove the UI in GW2 and BfN (and possibly GW1, although it lacks solo/private match options so more difficult to get nice shots), I can provide nicer screen shots!

So a few shots of the Herbal Assault map; Zombopolis!

First up is the Zomboss version of the statue of Liberty, just after the first point, the park.

Then it’s on to the way to the actual city of Zombopolis itself. I love the use of ‘Brain Street’ which was the name and location of a Gardens & Graveyards map called ‘Main Street’ from the first game.

And finally after capturing the Town Center from the 2nd pic, the road to the third point; the disco diner.

I love how their use of color makes it look like it’s at night, but you can still see everything and how the zombie controlled future contrasts so well with the suburbia maps of the plants.

GW2 Zombopolis Statue.png
GW2 Brain Street.png
GW2 Skyline.png