Project Gorgon bestows much love upon its playable cows, rabbits, and spirit foxes


We still have a ways to go — at least a year and a half — until Project Gorgon officially launches, and the hard-working team is going to make the best of that time to get the indie MMO into top form. In pursuit of a good balance and the right feel for combat, the team is making some significant changes this month to prolong fights and make them more interesting.

“One of our near-term goals for combat is to make high-level fights last longer (both solo fights and group fights),” the team said. “Combat will be more strategic and frankly more fun when each fight lasts a few seconds longer to allow for more decisions.”

However, Gorgon’s developers acknowledged that most players would die pretty quickly if fights went longer than a few seconds, which is why the November update is loaded with improvements to survivability skills. This includes tanky skills such as staff, shield, and… cow? Yes, cow. Cow is a tank.

Even the non-tanky Rabbit and Spirit Fox skillsets are on the docket for improvements. Between the Cow’s Chew Cud and Deadly Emission skills, the Rabbit’s Bun Fu Kick and Carrot Power abilities, and the Spirit Fox’s Paradox Trot talent, one wonders why anyone would want to play a boring human in this game instead of assume the form of one of these majestic beasts.

Source: Steam
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