Animal Crossing New Horizons brings new autumnal creatures and items for November


The seasons wear on in real life and in the in-game island life of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and the month of November is bringing plenty of autumnal charm to the game as evidenced in a recent video.

This month, players can look forward to some new creatures to find and collect like the blowfish and damselfly, along with several varieties of mushrooms around trees and tree stumps that can be used to craft mushroom-themed decor items. The in-game trees are also beginning to change their colors, and in the middle of November, players will see maple leaves fluttering around for a limited time that can be caught and used for even more seasonal crafted items.

Fans can get a peek at all of the fall goodness in the video below.

source: YouTube

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Does anyone know if it’s possible for more than one player to use a single copy of this game, or even multiple copies on one Switch? I’d like to play it, but according to my daughter the Switch can only hold one save game for Animal Crossing.


Couch coop is possible, but currently there will only be one island per switch. I play with my wife and my stepdaughter, we share the same island and each of us has their own house on the island. The bad news is that only the first account that started the game will have the opportunity to be island speaker and thus can start actions like building bridges, ramps and new buildings for animals.

This is the biggest point of criticism for the game and I personally expect this to be changed in some future update, but it is not there yet.