Ashes of Creation raised over $83k for Extra Life, so Intrepid’s Steven Sharif had to shave his beard


Extra Life, the charity devoted to raising funds from gamers for children’s hospitals, has the motto “Play Games, Heal Kids.” We may suggest adding two more words to that: “Shave Beards.”

As part of its effort to raise funds for Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, Intrepid Studios engaged in a 24-hour broadcast with the Ashes of Creation dev team. This resulted in the team raising an impressive $83,650 for the charity — a final achievement that well shot past the hoped-for $20,000 mark.

And while fans who donated helped to accrue some extra goodies for their accounts, the real prize was to see Steven Sharif shave his beard. Which he did!


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Kudos to him and their team for raising that money. Good deal.

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Dean Greenhoe

+1, Grats!

Now we need to fund programs that help people with gaming addictions, etc.


He should do another fundraiser and offer to do the hair and eyebrows too. Bet he could get a lot… He probably doesn’t care about the children enough though….. nudge nudge


Reminds me of what the RIFT team used to do. Or in non-MMO land, HiRez during their charity streams.


I think he was also singing on stream during charity event. Surprisingly he has a decent singing voice. Anyway, while it is obvious that this kind of charity event was done primarily to promote the game and to profit from this through future purchases from potential customers – the charity organization still benefited from it which is always a positive thing, and it was enjoyable to see normal people behaving like normal human beings (by expressing their emotions in honest, genuine way) during the stream.

Joseph Herrera

The community that is forming around AOC is refreshing and inviting. The way the company interacts and engages with we the fans and one day players is a nice change. The content creators are building small family’s in there followers. its simply a great vibe. The 24 hour stream was a blast! chubby bunny and among us were my favorite parts. While I fell asleep for the minecraft thing, no one wants to say what happened ther