Dual Universe’s aerospace expo brought together a thousand players and their hardware


Did you realize that Dual Universe’s beta test has been going on for two months now? I didn’t, but that’s pretty cool to see. Apparently the community’s been having a blast with it, going so far as to organize large-scale events such as the Zenith Aerospace Expo back in October. The dev team said that this expo brought in over 1,000 players and 700 spaceships for a grand celebration on the game’s sole server.

“It was incredible to see our amazing community come together to put on such a great event. From the entire team at Novaquark, we’d like to thank the Zenith Corporation as well as all the players who made this community event possible,” the studio said.

In the November newsletter, Novaquark praised the community and mentioned how a few new emotes have been added to the beta build. There’s even been an Easter egg that players found and revealed to all:


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Jack Tyme

Explore, Discover, Profit. DU’s catch-phrase I guess.

But seems to me that the only ones makin a profit are the devs.

I hope I live to see the day gamers get paid for the disgusting amounts of time we put into these games. Time is money, and we throw it all away in these games. With absolutely nothing tangible to show for the massive amounts of time we put into these products/services. Except that it kept us entertained.

Oh, yeah…lets not talk about cash shops now…haha


Lol? I don’t feel my time in games is wasted, I feel like I’m getting a shit ton of entertainment for my money in most games.

This game looks like at typical gankbox, but that’s neither here nor there.