EVE Online on Pochven changes, renovation of the Jita trade hub, and more

Money talks.

It’s time once again to get the Pulse of EVE Online, as in the latest news digest video straight from CCP Games that collects the latest goings-on in the game.

The video opens up with mention of the changes to ESS, then moves on to changes in the Triglavian region of Pochven that have added combat sites of varying difficulty, along with promise of additional sites arriving in the coming weeks. There’s also mention of the impending arrival of the new-look Jita trade hub, which will be heralded by daily login events and a series of challenges as well as daily rewards like special fireworks, SKINs, and apparel.

Those are a few of the highlights from this digest. The full video is below. Brought to you by Matigu Sushi, apparently.

source: YouTube

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