Gloria Victis lets you manage your own castle with the Bastion management system


Forget measly player housing, with their pathetic little cottages and substandard dreams. If you’re going to move into a virtual residence, why not a castle? That’s the sights that Gloria Victis wants you to set, especially with the game’s forthcoming Bastion castle management system.

The system will give you hands-on control over the function of your fortress: “From now on, you will be able to actively take care of your castles, both guild and nation ones. You will be able to improve the castle efficiency, increase castle crew morale and actively take part in the ultimate conquest assuming the role of castellan!”

The fantasy MMORPG is also adjusting how mounts fight in water (we’re guessing… not well?), adding a lengthy beginner questline for Ismir players, and responding to a player poll about how light armor functions.

Source: Steam
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