Shroud of the Avatar details where to trade in foals and tamed horses for rideable mounts


Release 83 of Shroud of the Avatar added horsies. Most of those horsies were hiding in the Crown Shop, but readers will likely recall that there were some that could be earned by trading in tamed horses or foals. The latest newsletter from the developing MMORPG has outlined more details on how this is done, noting the names and locations of various NPCs that players can earn their new mount friends.

The kinds of mounts players get is determined by a number of things including the types of older foals, non-domesticated foals, or specific horses they have. Where to turn in these animals, however, is effectively the same, with five different NPCs around New Brittania ready to dish out horsies. The newsletter also points out a variety of riding skills that players can learn in order to improve their steed of choice.

The rest of the newsletter has the usual details about Crown Store items, Vault items, and community livestreams. But really, it’s all about the horsies.


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Ben Parry

Awesome news :) was waiting for this.