The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite crowd control class in MMORPGs?


I know that crowd controllers as a standalone class have long since fallen out of fashion – most MMORPG players don’t even remember when it was CC, not DPS, that made up the third arm of the genre’s “holy trinity.” But I remember, and crowd control classes and skills remain among my favorite things to do in MMOs and any other video game.

I’ve had a lot of favorites over the years, but to me, the clear standout is the City of Heroes Controller, as the archetype allows truly impressive field control that can change the entire gameplay situation for the group. But even though I’ve had a long line of controllers, I keep finding that it’s actually a Defender set – Storm – that I keep coming back to. Storm is a soft control-and-debuffing set that allows you to keep enemies flopping and flailing. It’s certainly not as powerful as a Controller set, but damn if it’s not a whole lot more fun, with similar effects. (And woe to the mobs that have to deal with an Anything/Storm ‘Troller!)

What’s your favorite crowd control class in MMORPGs?

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